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Thursday, 26 February 2015

How to celebrate Birthday?

Today is my birthday!! I am so happy ^^
Thank you for those who wish me a happy birthday. Thanks to God.. I can still alive and celebrate my birthday with dearest people in my world :)

Let's get back to the point.. Birthday is something special. Lots of pranks and surprises, also many gifts. But some probably bored with that birthday party, want to try something new, out of box, extraordinary..

So in this post, I will write down several things you can do in your birthday. Relax guys, I've already done all of this thing ;)  (at my bday or my friends bday)

  1. Birthday lunch/dinner either with your loves one or family. You can try new restaurant with a great view. Because you want a different scenery. Maybe on the hill, or amazing view of the cities. Anyway, it's the more common way to celebrate your birthday.
  2. Double or triple dates ;) I've tried this and it's fun! you can hang out at pizza restaurant and just chill. It's relaxing and you can make a new friend :)
  3. Go to fashion show. Seriously, this is AWESOME! I've just tried this with my boyfriend. He's adorable, he doesn't know that much about fashion but that's okay. That's why woman exist :)
  4. Go to exhibition. Well, the fashion show also had exhibition too. So it's a plus plus ;) You can buy things even you cannot buy the fashion piece. 
  5. Karaoke is one fun way to spend your time. Shouting your frustration or just hang out and get a sore throat. LOL
  6. Get punk'd!! Your lovely friends probably set an evil thing, all you have to do just go with a flow. Seriously, they make the event, plan ahead, just do it for that day only. Simple.
Sometimes you think, well my bday isn't so bad at all. Dude! It's an awesome thing, because you can live another year/day. You must thank God that you can spend a little time with your precious people,,  Birthday is special because people can gather again for one occasion and celebrate another year.

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